Bike Trails and Craft Beers in Northern New Brunswick
April 29, 2022

Bike Trails and Craft Beers in Northern New Brunswick

Northern New Brunswick is a paradise for lively sportsmen. Follow the New Brunswick Beer Route to discover four mountain biking estates and hundreds of kilometers of biking trails. Come for the impeccable trails and bike paths, stay for the quality craft beers! This summer, get on your bike and set sail to our regions for unforgettable moments!

Edmundston, mountain biking paradise

Edmundston is an essential stopover for any cycling trip to northern New Brunswick. Imagine the largest mountain biking area in the Maritimes. Envision the only area labeled "Signature Trail" in New Brunswick, with 60 km of trails for all levels. Visualize a domain with a breathtaking view of the surrounding valleys. Welcome to the trails of Madawaska!

Luc Michaud, one of the co-founders, has stars in his eyes when he talks about the road traveled since the first days of the estate in 2007. Inspired by his long stays in British Columbia, he wanted to give New Brunswick a land of new game. The trails have multiplied over the years and the network is now a destination in itself: you will need more than three days of intense fun to exhaust all the possibilities.

Somewhere on the Madawaska trails …

If you prefer recreational biking, did you know that Edmundston only has one bike path? And what a track: it is 130 kilometers long! The Interprovincial Linear Park Petit Temis will satisfy the needs of the most ambitious cyclists with its impeccable bike path that connects Edmundston to Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec.

Idea for a gourmet and easy route: go back and forth between the city center and the Provincial Park of the Republic. If you're heading from downtown, head for a flowery lunch at the delicious Café Flora, at the entrance to the New Brunswick Botanical Garden. If you leave the park, the downtown breweries are waiting for you for a refreshing break.

At the start of the Petit-Témis trail

Let's talk about the breweries. After the workout, join the local cyclists who have adopted the Brasseurs du Petit Sault as their headquarters, and savor one of their craft beers with names inspired by local history. The beer to try without fail is "Sentiers Madawaska Trails": a grisette brewed in honor of the beautiful local trails. A delight!

Good to know: if the Brewers are full, the Moonshin’hers is waiting for you just on the other side of the building.

On the patio of the Brasseurs du Petit Sault

Advice from Luc Michaud, co-founder of Madawaska trails

  • His favorite trail: No. 7 St. John
  • The trail he recommends for experienced cyclists: # 1 Madawaska
  • The trail he recommends for beginners: # 2 Iroquois and # 12 Green
  • His favorite beer after a bike ride: Sister Catherine (IPA) from Brasseurs du Petit Sault 

Useful information

  • Access to Madawaska trails: $ 12 / day or $ 70 for the season
  • Access to the Petit-Témis linear park: free
  • To rent bicycles, contact the tourist office.

Campbellton and Sugarloaf Park, for downhill enthusiasts

The Campbellton area, at the parc-vélo Sugarloaf, is another must-see stop in a cycling epic. This prestigious area with a chairlift was voted "Best Mountain Bike Park in Eastern Canada" in 2016. Its ten downhill trails attract thrill seekers in all weathers. The watchword here is adrenaline.

No bike? Don't panic: downhill, cross-country or performance bikes and good advice await you at the store. You will also find electric bicycles and even a bicycle for people with reduced mobility at the reception of the provincial park. And if you need a helping hand before you start, qualified BeRad instructors will be happy to show you how to get downhill well.

On Fridays from 6 to 8 p.m., Sugarloaf Park hosts guided bike rides accessible to all levels. Each week, discover a new route with a group of about twenty people. Best of all, this activity is free: just bring your bike or rent one on site.

Idea for solo activity: Don't miss the Panorama Trail, a 3.5 km loop that leads to spectacular views of Sugarloaf Mountain. A great way to gain height!

At the top of the Panorama: view of Sugarloaf Mountain

For a quieter ride, head to the bike path that connects Sugarloaf Park to the Restigouche River Experience Center. Along the way: murals and cafes, views of Chaleur Bay and passage under the grandiose V. C. Horne bridge. A dozen-kilometer ride perfect for trying out an electric bike or reconnecting with the classic bike.

View of Chaleur Bay in Campbellton

If you have a sporting soul, make Charlo your destination: in addition to regaining your strength with a delicious pizza from the Atelier Gourmand Workshop, you can bring back one of the beers from Savoie's Brewhouse, currently on sale to take out behind the Chalets du Héron.

At the end of the day, the T-Bar, at the foot of the Sugarloaf Bike Park, is the home base for tired but happy cyclists. In town, brewery 1026 is where it all happens, with craft beers from all over northern New Brunswick.

On the patio of the T-Bar at the foot of the Sugarloaf bike park tracks

Advice from Michelle Arseneault, of the Suga Sisters group

  • Her favorite trail: the Swamp Donkey, rolling descent for all levels
  • Her favorite bar: the T-Bar after a good day downhill
  • Her favorite microbrewery: Savoie’s Brewhouse

Useful information

  • Access to the trails: free
  • Access to the ski lift: $ 30 / day

To rent a bike, there are several options:

  • At the Pro X-Sports store: Allow $ 10 / hour
  • At the Sugarloaf bike park shop: Find all the prices here
  • At the entrance of Sugarloaf Provincial Park: Allow $ 25 / hour for an electric bike
  • The bicycle for people with reduced mobility is free

At the wall of Chez Wes cafe in Campbellton

The Chaleur Region, technical trails and cycling on the beach

“The mountain biking trails of MFB Chaleur are perfect for cyclists who enjoy technical trails,” said Annie Jean, co-founder of the women's cycling group She Shreds. Here, no crazy descents but trails with roots, bumps, turns: the perfect recipe for an outing that is more technical than rich in adrenaline. Cyclists in need of sensations are not left out with several more difficult trails with jumps, bridges, and other skinnies.

Annie and Joel Jean on the Acadian Trail

The Green Paths provide another playground for recreational bicycles with 40 kilometers of non-motorized trails. Follow these increasingly long loops to discover attractions around downtown Bathurst. Take an old railway line and immerse yourself in the marvelous landscapes of the Baie des Chaleurs.

If you are told of the Chaleur region, you are necessarily thinking of the beaches, right? This year, satisfy both the cyclist and the beach bum in you! To do this, go to Beresford beach. The reception center lends fat bikes to everyone free of charge. Ride on the beach as far as the eye can see in one of the most beautiful bays in the world. A great idea that we owe to the town of Beresford! Reserve your fat bike by calling Beresford Beach at 542-2792 or try your luck at the front desk.

On Beresford Beach

Beer lovers will be spoiled in the Chaleur Region with its two microbreweries and its bar specializing in craft beers. All three combine a beautiful patio and a friendly atmosphere in downtown Bathurst. Bootlegger offers a huge patio. From 13 Barrels Brewery, enjoy your beer with a Panini overlooking the harbor. And at Four Rivers combine beer and pizza with the Pizza13 pizzeria next door. Difficult to decide! But rest assured: you will always have a good time.

Patio of the bar Au Bootlegger

Advice from Annie Jean of She Shreds

  • Her favorite trail: the Ridge part 2, the Roller Coster and the Pompeuse
  • The trails she recommends for a beginner: Meadow, Serpentine and the Pompeuse
  • The trails she recommends for a more experienced cyclist: the Jump trail (affectionately nicknamed the Grasshopper) or the aptly named Roots

Annie Jean on the Acadian Trail

The Acadian Peninsula, at the heart of the Acadian Véloroute

The Acadian Peninsula is the Mecca of cycling on cycle paths thanks to its famous Véloroute. This legendary network has no less than 600 kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes. From Grande-Anse to Néguac, from Tracadie to Miscou, crisscross the charming Acadian Peninsula along well-equipped trails. Pedal with a view of the sea between Caraquet and the historic Acadian village of Bertrand, join the Miscou lighthouse for an epic adventure at the end of the Peninsula or chain the kilometers in a sporting challenge ... Choose your adventure along the Acadian Véloroute!

Not far from Tracadie, on route C9

Mountain bikers, rejoice! The Club Plein Air de Caraquet offers the perfect area to learn mountain biking, with slightly uneven and gentle trails for beginners. "Here, the designers have bet on the flow which offers a pleasant experience with many raised bends" explains Linda Dalpé, from the group of women cyclists, the Sirens on the loose (Sirènes en cavale).

On the trails of the Club Plein Air de Caraquet

The Acadian Peninsula also has an impressive concentration of microbreweries and bars. You will inevitably come across a patio where you can refresh yourself during or after your outing: at the Brasseux d'la Côte in Tracadie, at the Brôkerie or at the Chope at the Carrefour de la mer in Caraquet, at the Distillerie du Fils du Roy in Paquetville, the relaxation is guaranteed!

Tasting at the Brasseux d’la Côte

Cycling is omnipresent in the Acadian Peninsula, including the beers dedicated to it. Don't miss the Barley Siren, the result of a collaboration between four local microbreweries. Its name obviously pays homage to the Sirens on the run! (Sirènes en cavale). Another option that will appeal to cyclists: the Vélorousse, red beer from Brasseux d’la Côte. Its slogan? “610 km of happiness! " And if you pass by Bertrand, take a detour to the Retro brasserie to get the famous red Tricycle!

On the trails of the Club Plein Air de Caraquet

Advice from Linda Dalpé, Sirens on the loose (Sirènes en cavale)

  • Her favorite area: the Caraquet Outdoor Club
  • Her favorite patio: La Brôkerie
  • Her favorite beer after a day of cycling: the Mermaid (la Sirène), of course!

Useful information

To rent a bike in the Acadian Peninsula, two options:

  • at the Caraquet Visitor Information Center: rent an electric bike for $ 20 / two hours or a classic bike for $ 5 / two hours
  • at Villégiature Deux Rivières Resort opposite the Tracadie visitor information center: rent a classic, electric bike or trailer for $ 10 / hour

Not far from Tracadie, on route C9

Good to know

  • Are you arriving with your mountain bike and wondering where to start? Ask local cyclists for advice, who will be happy to provide you with information or even invite you to join them. Mountain biking is above all a friendly sport!
  • Two useful App to find your way around an area you don't know: TrailForks and Ondago. In particular, you will find all the routes of the Véloroute of the Acadian Peninsula.
  • You will find a group of women cyclists in each of the regions of northern New Brunswick: the Sprock Chicks in Edmundston, the Suga Sisters in Campbellton, the She Shreds in the Chaleur region and the Sirens on the loose (Sirènes en cavale) in the Acadian Peninsula. They will be happy to welcome you if you are looking to ride in good company!



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