Sweet ride around the Sugarloaf

Sweet ride around the Sugarloaf

Restigouche Chaleur Region Snowmobiling

Total Distance: 400 km

This loop has been provided to us by Valmond Hachey, president of the Chaleur Snowmobile Club. See our full interview with him here.

After a restful night and a hearty breakfast, hop on your snowmobile and prepare to discover the most northern part of our beautiful province.

Starting from Danny’s, head on trail 304 to reach trail 19 West. Follow this beautiful trail until you reach trail 22

Turn right on trail 22 and ride until you reach the Island Lake Club for your morning break. Take a coffee or a light snack in the company of other sledders.

Once you’ve had a good chat with fellow enthusiasts, hop back on trail 22 and head north in direction of Campbellton.

As you approach Campbellton, take a detour by turning left on trail 259 instead of heading straight downtown.

Believe us, you won’t regret it!

Once on trail 259, look for trail 255 and take a right. Trail 255 connects to trail 17. These trails run adjacent to Sugarloaf Provincial Park.

Take a right on trail 17 and you’ll pass right by Sugarloaf Mountain.

Don’t hesitate to pull over to stretch your legs and take a few photos!

Keep on trail 17 and it will lead you downtown. At the very end of this trail, you’ll find the Brasserie 1026 where you can stop for a delicious meal.

After lunch, take back trail 17 to get on trail 22 toward Jacquet River.

Stay on trail 22 until you reach trail 285. Follow 285 for a while until you reach trail 24. Turn left on trail 24 and it will lead you to the Supervillage Trailblazers’ beautiful clubhouse for a coffee break.

Now, head back on trail 24 that connects to trail 19 East, and you’re on your way back to Beresford.

At the end of the day, you can stop at Danny’s (trail 304) to taste their fantastic signature Danny Burger and have a great night's rest.

In a nutshell: 1 day, including return trip; about 400 km (250 miles)

  • Start at either Danny’s or Atlantic Host
  • Take trail 19 West until you reach trail 22
  • Turn right on trail 22 and stop at the Island Lake Club
  • Take back trail 22 in direction of Campbellton
  • Detour on trail 259 that leads to 255 to reach trail 17
  • Travel by Sugarloaf Mountain and keep going until the end of the trail
  • Stop at Brasserie 1026
  • Take trail 17 to reach trail 22 in direction of Jacquet River
  • Take 285 that will lead you to trail 24
  • Coffee break at Supervillage Trailblazers snowmobile club
  • Come back to your starting point through trails 24, 19 and 304



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