Mount Carleton and the wilderness

Mount Carleton and the wilderness

Chaleur Region Snowmobiling

Total Distance: 286 km

This loop has been put together by Valmond Hachey, president of the Chaleur Snowmobile Club. Read our full interview with him here.

This loop will bring you at the heart of the Acadian forest and will offer even more amazing unforgettable views after a heavy snowfall.

After a good breakfast, get on your snowmobile and hop on trail 19 East this time. Then, take trail 23, and stop for a coffee and a friendly chat at the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge.

Continue on trail 23 and have a blast on Piston Alley!

Admire the elevations as you approach Serpentine Lake. Get on trail 58 where you’ll find Serpentine Lake Lodge to take a break for food and gas.

After you built up your strengths again, get back to trail 23 West. At Shelter 23-3, go up north.

This trail will lead you directly to Mount Carleton Provincial Park, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by the Acadian forest, mountain peaks and wilderness.

Now, test trail 504, a completely new trail fresh of this season. Be the first to explore areas of the Park never revealed to snowmobilers before!

This fantastic trail runs along all the lakes in the park to give you the most scenic views you could dream of.

Have a bite there if you’ve packed your lunch and enjoy the beautiful vistas of Nictau Lake.

At the end of trail 504, continue on trail 506, which hooks up on the 23. Ride up the 503 and turn right on trail 19 East. Take a short detour on trail 22 to stop at Island Lake Lodge if you’re in need of a coffee or a rest. Then, take trail 308 to reach back trail 19.

Of course, you should drop by the Chaleur Snowmobile Club on your way back to Bathurst.

In a nutshell: 1-day trip, including return trip; about 290 km (180 miles)

  • Get on trail 19 East to reach trail 23
  • Coffee break at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge
  • Follow trail 23, go nuts on Piston Alley.
  • After Piston Alley, reach the Serpentine Lake Lodge on trail 58 for lunch and gas
  • Once you’ve passed Shelter 23-3, go up north to the Mount Carleton Provincial Park
  • Test trail 504!
  • Connect back to Trail 19 East in direction of the Chaleur Region via trails 506, 23, and 503
  • Take a short detour on trail 22 to stop at Island Lake Lodge for a rest
  • Get back on trail 19 East via trail 308
  • Drop by Valmond’s club to say hi! Follow trail 19 until you reach Bathurst



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